Friday, November 25, 2011

Charleston Modeling Session

This shoot was such fun! You can't tell but it had started to rain and the sun was setting fast. The location is at the cannon ball stack at the Charleston Battery. The couple is is Pamela and her man, that's him again with no shirt, a little lower in the post. We have shot them befor but tonight was something special!
Two lovers embracing at the Charleston Battery's cannon ball stack

Here is one of my favorites, Hanna M. her statuesque features, amazing eyes, and her internal motivator make her a great subject any time I work with her.
Hanna M. resting in a No Parking Zone

This one is for the ladies out there, but I am afraid he is taken… Pamela and her man are quite the item and I see great things in their future!Hot Shirtless Guy

This is my first time shooting on the roof of this parking garage, and I found this cool spot with razor wire and angular metal and bars. It looks intimidating, to me conveys story of forbidden love. These two models are also new for me and I am very happy with what we created together!Two young Lovers holding hands in front of heavy bars and Razor wire

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